Video: How To Throwdown Tumeric Rice 

Tired of eating white rice? Well why don’t you add tumeric powder to the rice and switch things up!

Watch how simple it is to throwdown tumeric rice on my cooking show, The Chop Up. Remember you can watch more episodes here.

Happy cooking!

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Daily Nation Miss Mandi x 100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns Feature

“I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” – Nina Simone

Every so often I have to explain to some people how I juggle radio and cooking. Truth is, it isn’t really that hard. People also tend to ask me how I came up with the idea for the 100 days of Kenyan Throwdowns project….I recently sat down with Josephine Mosongo to share about why I am misunderstood, my food and so much more!

You can read the two cents that I shared in Daily Nation here.

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Video: How To Throwdown Cinnamon & Vanilla Essence Pancakes

Pancakes/ crepes are probably the easiest thing to whip up for breakfast, after eggs of course. I tend to have pancakes often and pair them with different dishes. A few years ago I learnt that Somalis love to pair pancakes with different dishes after visiting Noma cafe (somali-owned restaurant) in the CBD.  Learning that made me curious and wanted to experiment.

In my “100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns” project I have paired pancakes with different dishes.

Meal 97: Pancakes, Beans, Meatballs & Plantain

Pancakes Madondo 97

Meal 92: Pancakes & Kidney

Pancakes Kidney 92

Meal 37: Pancakes & Liver

Pancakes Liver 39

I usually make pancakes with different ingredients every time. I love to experiment. Sometimes I make the pancakes with or without an egg. In this episode of The Chop Up I make cinnamon and vanilla essence without an egg. You can add one however it’s completely optional.

What do you like to add into your pancakes?

All pictures by Sannie Sanford.

Throwdown With Friends: Meal 95 Kaimati Throwdown with Sofy

Photography by Sannie Sanford.

They say show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Well a huge chunk of my friends are creatives and super eclectic. I love it.

To this day I remember what I had at Sofys the first time she invited me to her house for dinner. While enjoying her amazing food at the dinner table we both discovered that our families come from the same upcountry, Kilifi, Mombasa. From that day on we started calling each other mijikenda sisters. Long story short, not only do I vibe with Sofy but she is an amazing cook and she is the best neighbor ever. She recently offered to share with me her Kaimati recipe and I was eager to learn and throwdown with her.

I loved how to make kaimati needs very few ingredients ( all purpose flour, baking powder and water) however the technique to mix the batter is a workout.


The ingredients laid out.


Sofy mixed about 1/2 a tsp of yeast to warm water in order to bloom

IMG_3792She poured the bloomed yeast into the flour and she mixed it before mixing everything with water.


If you follow me on snapchat (mandisarro) you got to see how Sofy was mixing the water. The batter needs you to go H.A.M literally, beating it in order to get a certain consistency.


After mixing the batter for a while Sofy asked me to join her in order to learn about the consistency the batter should have and help beat the batter lol.

IMG_3804 IMG_3805

The consistency Sofy settled for the batter was elastic and it had no lumps. She then proceeded to spread out the batter well in the bowl then carefully removed the last of the batter on her fingers while still teaching me about the consistency of the batter.


We had pre heat the oven for a little bit to get warm and covered the bowl with a hot towel in order for the batter to stay warm and to rise well.



IMG_3859 IMG_3867

Once the cooking oil was really hot we started frying the cute little fellas. Sofy tilted the bowl every time she was prepping a little dumpling to be fried. After several dumplings (kaimatis) were in the oil she rinsed her hand in warm water.

IMG_3870 IMG_3872

Once all the dumplings were fried up, we melted sugar in a pot with water, cinnamon and cardamoms. We added the kaimati into the melted sugar and coated them while we dusted others with icing sugar.

IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3889

Kaimati- Icing Sugar 95

Kaimatis are a popular snack and one can find them on the streets of Nairobi or Mombasa. To top it off one can have them with ice cream as a dessert. I love kaimati but the only problem is I am the furthest thing from a sweet tooth so I always end up eating a few. Kaimatis remind me of tim bits from Tim Hortons.

Kaimati 95

What do you like to pair your Kaimati with?

All pictures by Sannie Sanford.


Video: Pilau Throwdown Recipe

Throwdown Lovers,

Love you some pilau? How do you like your pilau? With beef? chicken? goat? I love to experiment with my pilau.

In my ongoing “100 Days of Kenyan Throwdowns” project I have shared some pilau dishes.

Meal 1: Pilau with goat ribs, banana and kachumbari

Meal 49: Chicken Pilau with Kachumbari.

Meal 85: Beef Pilau. (I used pilau masala for this dish instead of whole spices) 

Pilau is such an easy dish to whip up. It needs a few ingredients and I prefer to use whole spices instead of pilau masala. The whole spices gives the pilau an authentic taste. The down side to using the whole pilau spices is that you have to avoid eating the spices i.e; cloves, black pepper corns, cardamons etc. You can however enjoy the cumin seeds that will be stuck on the rice. Serve the pilau with a banana, kachumbari (salsa), avocado slices or whatever side you like.

Watch more video recipes here.

Pictures by Sannie Sanford & Francis Mbatha.

Happy cooking!

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Pan Fried Beef in Peanut Stew Throwdown Recipe: Meal 94 of 100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns

Are you a fan of deez nuts? 

Well I got em. (Cheesy I know)

My mother makes a mean peanut sauce especially for her sombe (cassava leaves). I learnt how to make this stew solely by watching my mother make it all the time because I wanted to know what she did to make her sombe so delicious. 

Every time I watched my mother make her peanut sauce I came to learn that she purely trusts her instinct while making it. Safe to say I picked up that habit. I’ve made my mothers famous peanut sauce so many times & use different spices every time. Just like how I make my throwdown sauce.

I made pilau njeri & fried beef in a peanut sauce served in a calabash for meal 94 of my 100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns. 

Watch how to throwdown fried beef in a peanut sauce on my cooking show here.

 Happy cooking! 

Pictures by Sannie Sanford. 

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Meal 90: Chipolatas in a Blanket Throwdown Recipe

Hey throwdown lovers,

Pig in a blanket anyone? Well with a twist of course. Last week when I was doing research on what meals I want to throwdown I stumbled on pigs in a blanket and I racked my brain on how can I make a kenyan version of pigs in a blanket. I decided to go shopping that same day and I saw farmers choice chipolatas and I knew that I could use them to make pigs in a blanket. I decided to make a pastry for them then I settled for the “thin kenyan pancakes” aka crepes because it was going to be so easy to whip them up.

Anyway, fast forward to the good stuff. Here is what you will need for your pancake batter:

Pancake Batter Recipe

All Purpose Flour, Light Brown Sugar, 1 tsp of Cinnamon & Vanilla Essence, 1 egg & Milk. (I use Brookside long life milk because it lasts longer in the fridge.)

Once you mix your batter, proceed to fry your pancakes then leave them on the side.

Cut up about 6- 8 chipolatas and fry them until they are golden brown.

Lay your pancake on the chopping board then cut it with with a pizza cutter or knife.


I made small pancakes so that they could fit when I roll them onto the chipolatas.

I proceeded to roll the chipolatas onto the pancake slices.    

Make sure you roll the sausage tightly onto the pancake.

Use a toothpick to secure the pancake on the sausage.   

Place them on your serving plate.   

Drizzle honey or syrup onto the chipolatas & pancakes.

You can serve the chipolatas in a blanket as an appetizer, breakfast or as a snack.

This was meal 90 of #100DaysOfKenyanThrowdowns. It was super easy to whip up!

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All pictures Sannie Sanford.

100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns Recap: Meal 82- 89

Hey Throwdown lovers,

I have 11 more meals to go!! I am super excited (and nervous)  for the home stretch. Now that the project is almost coming to an end, I have realized I’ve become super attached to it as well. I consider that a good thing.

Here is a quick recap of meals 82- 89:

Meal 82: Chicken Taco x Viazi Karai x Guacamole x Ketchup.

Tacos are super easy to make and you can pair them with a lot of things. I decided to pair these spicy chicken tacos with crunchy viazi karai. Guacamole served as a great dip for the viazi karai.

Meal 83: Boiled ngwaci (sweet potatoes) x Egg & Avocado Wrap x Strungi (Black Tea)

Boiled sweet potatoes are a delicacy for breakfast/ with tea in Kenya. I am not a huge fan of boiled sweet potatoes, I prefer them shallow fried or baked. I pair these boiled sweet potatoes with a wrap and it was really good.

Meal 84: Rice x Ndengu (Green Grams) x Plantains x Salad

A lot of people have been requesting for me to making more vegetarian dishes. I went ahead and made this meal. This was quite a delicious affair in my mouth.

Meal 85: Beef Pilau

I have made twice already on this “100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns” project. I made pilau one last time to experiment using pilau masala instead of pilau whole spices. I must admit that I will stick to pilau whole spices, they truly are the real deal.   

Meal 86: Ugali x Gizzards (Firigisi) x Sauteed Kale

Gizzards truly have a strong smell. Thank goodness garlic and ginger can help diffuse the smell. After boiling the gizzards for some time, I made my throwdown sauce for them. Throwdown sauce recipe is available here.

Meal 87: Fried Potatoes in Coconut Milk & Spices.

After I shared my sweet potatoes in coconut milk, someone suggested I make potatoes in coconut milk & spices…so I went ahead and did that.

Meal 88: Coconut Rice x Gizzards

Coconut rice goes so well with a lot of dishes! I paired the rice with gizzards that I made in my throwdown sauce and I absolutely loved every bite. I made the gizzards the night before then enjoyed them the next day. Most meals always taste better the next day because the spices truly sip into whatever you made.

Meal 89: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon & Butter

I boiled the sweet potatoes until they were completely tender. I mashed them with butter, a hint of cinnamon and milk to make it creamy.

I paired the sweet mashed potatoes with pork chops.

Which dish was your favorite from this recap? I’d love to know.

All pictures by Sannie Sanford 

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Miss Mandi Throwdown x 100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns in Drum Magazine

Hey Throwdown Lovers,

Last month my “throwdowns” were featured in Drum East Africa Magazine. One of the meals that were featured is part of my #100DaysOfKenyanThrowdowns project.

In the 4 page spread they featured: Apple and Feta Cheese Salad, Lime Tikka Wings & Strawberry Shortcake Mshkaki.

Lime Tikka Wings was meal 64 of #100DaysOfKenyanThrowdowns.  

Thank you Polly Mamu & Jackie for the feature in the Fine Dinning Section.

Be sure you read my interview when you stumbled on the October issue of Drum Magazine Ea.

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100 Days Of Kenyan Throwdowns Recap x Sweet Potatoes Recipe: Meals 79-81

Hey throwdown lovers,

Who doesn’t love delicious sweet potatoes? I am sucker for sweet potatoes because of my mum. My mama can make some mean dishes with sweet potatoes . One of my favorite dishes she makes is cassava leaves in peanut butter sauce, shallow fried sweet potatoes and plantain. I have yet to find cassava leaves because that is one dish I want to recreate. Before I digress any further, I decided to throwdown sweet potatoes in different ways to challenge myself and inspire you.

Meal 79: Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Sauce & Cardamom.

Recipe: Wash, peel and dice your sweet potatoes then proceed to boil them until tender. (Use a fork to check). I drained the sweet potatoes then proceeded to pour 1/4 cup of coconut milk in the pot and let it boil on medium low heat. After the coconut milk started boiling I added  4 tsbps of light brown sugar and 4 fresh cardamom, stirred a couple of times and let it boil. Once it was boiling I proceeded to add the sweet potatoes into the simmering coconut milk and left it cooking on low heat. I cooked for roughly 5 -7 mins. I made sure the coconut milk wasn’t runny, you wan’t the coconut milk to be somewhat thick. Taste while it cooks so you can know if you the sauce sweeter. 

This is a popular dish in Mombasa.

Meal 80: Baked Sweet Potato with Sweet Corn, Bacon, Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese & Sour Cream.

You can bake the sweet potatoes (wrapped with foil) until tender use a mshkaki stick/ knife to check. Once the sweet potato is ready let them cool, remove the foil, split in half and add whatever toppings into the baked potato. I layered the sweet potato with mozzarella cheese then added the tomatoes, bacon, more mozzarella cheese, sweet corn and 1 of tsp of sour cream.

Meal 81: Baked Sweet Potatoes Wedges with Ketchup.


Wash the sweet potatoes then peel them. I had a pretty long sweet potato so I cut it in half and used 1 half. Once the sweet potato is peeled, slice it again into half then cut each half into wedges. 

Place the wedges in your baking dish, then crush 4-5 cloves of garlic and add them into the baking dish, sprinkle olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Pre-heat your oven. 

Cover the baking dish with foil then bake for about 15 mins. These wedges are very  similar to the baked sweet potato fries I made on my cooking show #TheChopUp. Watch the recipe here.

After I baked for 15 mins I checked if they were tender with a fork and then I removed the foil and let them get crispy. They take about 7 mins (less or more) depending on how crunchy you want them. You want to keep an eye on them once the foil is off. 

I served the sweet potato wedges with ketchup.

The sweet potatoes were crunchy and moist because I baked them first.

I hope I have inspired you to switch up how you make ngwaci aka sweet potatoes. Which sweet potato dish did you like?

All photos by Sannie Sanford.

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